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Services & Prices 


Osteopathy is a non-invasive manual therapy that aims to restore the normal function and structure of systems within the body and that reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This is achieved through various techniques that are focused toward strengthening and manipulation of the joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues that make up the musculoskeletal framework.

ASD Osteopathy provides personalised, tailored, hands-on treatment for all muscles and joints within the body - not just the back! Using a system of assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing pain and dysfunction in the body. 


What to expect

All initial consultations will consist of a case history, ensuring there are no contraindications to treatment and any cautions are highlighted which will allow an adaption of treatment technique to suit your needs. Then an assessment of movement and diagnosis ensuring patients fully understand the mechanism of their pain. Using information gathered from the case history and movement assessment a treatment plan will be created and performed, topped off with exercise prescription and a rehabilitation plan. 


Any follow up treatments will consist of the same however with a progress update in place of the case history.


Methods employed to help treat these conditions include but are not limited to: 

  • Soft tissue techniques

  • Myofascial release techniques

  • Muscle inhibition

  • Manipulation of joints

  • Muscle energy techniques

  • Dry-needling

  • Taping

  • Stretching

  • Exercise prescription

  • General health and nutritional advice

  • Medipharon5 TECAR Diathermy 

  • Shockwave Therapy


It is advised patients wear something comfortable to treatment sessions, baggy clothes or shorts and sports bra. Anything that makes it easy for the area of pain to be accessed. A list of medications or previous relevant scans or results from medical investigations would also be handy for patients to bring with them.


  • Initial consultation and treatment (60 minutes) - £65

  • Follow up treatment (30 minutes) - £50

  • Follow up treatment (45 minutes) - £75

  • TECAR Diathermy - additional £30

  • Shockwave Therapy - additional £30

24 hour notice required when cancelling otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.


Sports Massage

If you’re looking forward to some much-needed relaxation that will leave you feeling refreshed and reenergised or you need to recover quickly after a sports injury, ASD provides a professional sports massage treatment dedicated to promoting wellbeing so clients feel renewed and relaxed after every treatment. Aiming to understand your health concerns and then restore energy and balance through the right massage technique that relieves aches and pains leaving you much better than when you first walked in.


  • 60 minutes - £75

  • 45 minutes - £55

  • 30 minutes - £45

24 hour notice required when cancelling otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.

Mobile Treatments

Mobile osteopathy and sports massage are available. Treatments will be given in the comfort of your own home. We will need enough space to set up a treatment couch and be able to easily move around it. Patients are asked to provide their own pillows and towels (if required), all other equipment needed will be brought to the sessions. 


Adele covers South West London and Surrey, but is willing to travel further. Travel expenses will apply. Please feel free to give us a shout to discuss before booking in. Mobile treatments are limited and will be fit in around Adele's working schedule. Weekends appointments available on request. 

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Vitamin Injections

Multi-vitamin injections to increase vital nutrients and help those with any deficiencies. Please note this is a cosmetic treatment and not a medical diagnosis. Please get in touch for more information on which vitamin would be suited to you. 


  • Vitamin D (every 3-6 months) - £65

  • Vitamin B12 (monthly & loading dose available) - £35

  • Vitamin C & B Complex (monthly)  - £40 

  • Biotin (every 4-6 weeks) - £40 

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