Meet the Team


Adele DuCasse

Osteopath / Sports Massage Therapist/Dry Needling Practitioner 

Hi, I’m Adele. I am a registered Osteopath, graduating with a Masters in Osteopathic medicine, adding to a degree from Brunel in Sports Science (Coaching). I have several years experience working in some of the top clinics in London being mentored by some of the best osteopaths and am now branching, setting up the clinic in Caterham with my colleagues and good friends from university.


I have many years experience participating in high level competitive sports including basketball, netball and martial arts and first peaked an interested in Osteopathy in 2007 after I was hospitalised after a injury playing basketball. Being unable to walk properly for 6 weeks I finally saw on osteopath who helped me through my injury into full recovery.


I have also been a sports massage therapist for 4 years, building a business while studying my masters university. It was tough but well worth it and I am so happy now that I am able to provide help to people with injuries and pain.


As well as being based at the Caterham clinic I also provide mobile treatments in the South West London and Surrey areas. I am available Monday-Friday for treatments with evening sessions available and will take emergency mobile appointments over the weekends.


Leah Tait

Osteopath / Sports Massage Therapist/Dry Needling Practitioner

Hi, I am Leah and I am a registered osteopath who graduated, with a Masters degree in Osteopathic Medicine from the International College of Osteopathic Medicine in Surrey.

I have several years of experience treating in a Surrey clinic while being mentored by a number of excellent osteopaths and have treated people of all ages (from babies to those aged in their 90s). I have treated all manner of injuries and conditions ranging from sports injuries, to bad backs, to headaches (to name but a few)!

As a qualified sports massage therapist since 2009, I have been practicing this for the last 11 years inbetween working as a payroll manager for a construction company and, in more recent years, while studying for my osteopathy degree.

It was after a combination of wanting to further my knowledge and practice while treating my sports massage patients and of having experienced so many positive benefits of osteopathic treatment myself over the years, that made me make the decision to change career paths and to study to become an osteopath.

To be able to provide help and pain relief to those who are suffering with injuries and pain is so rewarding and I am very excited to now be working in order to provide these services.

Erin Greenstreet

Osteopath/Sports Massage Therapist/Dry Needling Practitioner

Hi, I’m Erin and I am a registered Osteopath who has graduated with a Bachelors in Osteopathic Medicine from the International College of Osteopathic Medicine. With several years of experience in treating a wide range of injuries and conditions being tutored by several brilliant osteopaths. I am also currently working as a mobile Osteopath in and around the West Kent and Sussex region, treating a variety of patients of all ages.


I also have a background of several years in dance and horse riding, and was first interested in osteopathy when I was fourteen after receiving osteopathic treatment following a horse-riding accident, which left me unable to walk correctly for several weeks afterwards.

I was fascinated with how the osteopath was able to relieve my pain and aid in my recovery, and I wanted to learn more about osteopathy and I am now able to help others with their pain and injuries in the same way that I was.